As an integrated digital agency, we strive to bring a whole new dimension to the world of digital. From digital marketing to creative works, we got your business covered. Our comprehensive services in digital marketing, supported by our strong creative works, will result in your business’ success.

Google Advertising & Analytics

Creative Visions Indonesia develops campaign ideas & plans and handles the media buying with the most effective targeting method in Google Advertising.

We also assist you in making data-based decisions, based on deep analysis from your website using Google Analytics.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great tool to build brand loyalty, research target markets, increase attendance at events, or even transform company culture.

At CVI, we offer social media marketing for small to large businesses. We provide social media maintenance service, as well as social media advertising (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads) to boost your digital presence. We know your brand needs it, so you need to contact us now so we can help you out!


Premium Advertising 

Deliver your message with rich creative, and supercharge its visibility by putting in on popular big medias!

Premium advertisement offers more visibility and control than standard ad networks. With our Premium Ads service, your message will stand out and reach greater numbers of audience.

By utilizing images, flash, videos, and rich format, your ad will capture attention right from the start.

Creative Works

We’ve seen a lot of growth of creative industry in Indonesia. Brands’ needs evolve, requiring more and more creative deliverables. In order to help out brands, we took our leap into the creative industry. With our skills & technologies, we offer solutions and services to provide you exceptional creative works.

For years, we have developed this service to become one of our core business. Our creative works consist of:

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