9 Effective Digital Advertising Solutions used by Big E-Commerces in Indonesia that Will Definitely Boost Your Business

by Muhammad Juliansyah
June 19, 2016


We browse around a whole lot of things on the internet everyday, including browsing products on e-commerces. Often times, we browse to gather information first to help us on the buying decision. But sometimes strange things happen. When we explore the other part of internet, banner ads show up, showing the products that we browsed before from that particular e-commerce. Then we ask ourselves: “what kind of sorcery is this?”

Well we can assure you that’s not some sort of internet witchcraft. It’s just one of the digital advertising solutions that e-commerces use. They also use a bunch of other digital ads. Why, you ask? Because they’re effective of course! With data, e-commerces can understand your interest and behavior, and use it to adapt the ads to be as relevant to you as possible. Because of it, the ads can help them achieve their marketing goals.

Internet advertisement is truly effective, but you have to use it wisely. Choosing the right kind of ads for your business is important. Some ads may boost your business in the most efficient way, while others may just be a waste of time (and money, of course). To help you choose it wisely, we made brief explanations about various kinds of internet advertising solutions. These ads have helped the big e-commerces with their objectives, they should also be able to help you with yours!

Search Advertising


Search advertising or “paid search” shows advertisements on search engine query results page. Search advertisements can target the relevant users by targeting the search terms that they entered on search engines. Usually, users search for something because they want to find more information, or already interested in signing up or buying. Because of this nature, search advertisements are great to help generate leads or gain conversions. If one of those matches your objective, you should definitely try using search advertising!

At CVI, we have helped clients thrive in search advertising using Google AdWords. If you feel that search advertising is suitable for your business’ objective, let us know so we can help you out!

Display Advertising

Display advertising is the common banner ads that we see everyday on websites and apps. Nowadays, display advertising includes many formats such as texts, banner ads, rich media, video ads, etc. The purpose of display advertisement is to deliver brand messages and general advertisements to website visitors, making it suitable for branding, awareness, and sales objectives.

There are a lot of platforms for display advertisements, with networks of publishers reaching all over the internet. We listed the popular, tried, and trusted ones below.

Google Display Network


Google Display Network (GDN) is a collection of websites, mobile sites, and application network that shows AdWords ads. GDN is part of the Google AdWords platform, serving text, image, rich media, and video ads througout the network. Because of the broad network of publishers, GDN is said to be able to reach 92% of internet users worldwide.

GDN can serve ads to the relevant user segments by using different methods of targeting:

Contextual Targeting
Showing ads on a website page based on the keywords on the page.

  • Topic Targeting
    Showing ads on a website page based on the topic of the page.
  • Interest Targeting
    Showing ads to users based on their interests.
  • Placement Targeting
    Manually select to show the ads on certain GDN publishers.
  • Demographics Targeting
    Target your audience based on age, gender, and demographic locations.
  • Remarketing / Retargeting

Showing ads to users who have visited your website. If the users haven’t converted yet, remarketing is usually effective to influence their decision to convert, closing the gap between interest and conversion.

When done right, GDN can really help in driving sales, build customer loyalty, engage with customers, and increase your brand awareness!

Facebook Ads

Aside from running a gigantic social media empire, Facebook also provide advertisement solutions. Facebook ads are shown on the newsfeed and right column of Facebook’s website and native app, allowing you to reach more of Facebook’s users. You can also extend the ad coverage outside of Facebook by using the Audience Network, which covers mobile apps and mobile websites. Facebook Ads are available for image or video materials, completed with text.

With Facebook Ads, you can reach the relevant target audience with these targeting options:

  • Custom Audience
    Show your ads to specific audiences by using their email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user Ids or app user Ids.
  • Location, Age, Gender and Language
    One of Facebook ad’s advantage is that you can easily target the audience’s basic demographics.
  • Interests
    Show your ads to audiences with specific interests. These interests are determined by what people are connected to on Facebook, such as Pages and apps.
  • Behaviors
    Show your ads to audiences with certain purchase behaviors or intents, device usage and more. These are determined by what people are connected to on Facebook, such as Pages and apps.
  • Connections
    Select your audience based on whether or not they’re connected to any of your Pages, apps, or events.

Facebook Ads are available for many objectives, including: driving website traffic, increase sales, drive mobile apps installs, increase brand awareness, show your business’ videos, etc.

Instagram Ads

Instagram, one of the hottest social media right now, has also opened advertising opportunities to businesses of all sizes a while ago. The ads are shown on users’ feed as sponsored posts, and are served in image, carousel, or video format, with text for the caption. The ads are only available in Instagram native app.

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the ads has a lot of similarities. First of all, it can only be accessed and setup through Facebook Ads platform. Secondly, it has the same targeting method as Facebook Ads. Finally, the advertising objectives are also the same with Facebook’s: drive website traffic, increase sales, increase mobile app installs, and increase brand awareness through images or videos.

According to an infographic from, 68% of Instagram’s users engage with brands regularly. Moreover, only 36% of marketers are using Instagram. For these reasons, you should quickly jump in the Instagram Ads boat and boost your business’ success.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is also a great platform for internet advertisement. The social media connects people with moments at a real-time basis, making it suitable to reach potential customers at the right moment. Twitter Ads are shown on various places on website (timeline and side window) and native app (timeline).

Twitter provides ad types for various objectives, which includes driving website traffic, increase sales, brand awareness, mobile app installs, and more. The ads are available in text only, or image or video with text formats.

Twitter offers various targeting method to reach relevant users at the right moment:

  • Interests
    Reach your ideal audience using hundreds of different interests targets.
  • Keywords
    Reach users based on the keywords in their recent Tweets and the Tweets with which users recently engaged.
  • Tailored audiences
    Reach people using your own website visitor data, or upload a list of email addresses, or other options.
  • Look-a-likes
    Reach more users that are just like your followers.
  • Geography
    Target global audience, country, or audiences in your local area.
  • Gender
    Choose to reach either both or specific gender.
  • Device
    80% of Twitter users log in via their mobile device. With this, you can target your ads to Android, iOS, Blackberry, desktop only, and more.

According to an insights report by Twitter, brands have the ability to influence users’ purchase intent with Twitter. Brands‘ awareness also benefits from user’s behaviour in spreading word of mouth. Moreover, Twitter users are also brand concious and loyal. These are perfectly good reasons for brands to use Twitter to grow their business.

YouTube Ads


As the biggest video-sharing website, YouTube also provides advertisement solutions. YouTube Ads allow advertisers to tap in to YouTube’s gigantic user base, to achieve their marketing objectives. YouTube provides some advertising options, with the two most popular explained below:

In-Stream Ads

Ever watched a video commercial before the video you wanted to watch on YouTube? Then you’ve met In-Stream Ads already. You might’ve even noticed that these ads are available in skippable and non-skippable options.

In-Stream Ads is YouTube’s video ad that’s ran on videos served on YouTube or on a collection of sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). They can also appear on Android and iOS YouTube apps, (on iPad and Android), and on connected TVs.

Since it’s part of the GDN, In-Stream Ads uses the same targeting as GDN. This makes the targeting more accurate, since it also uses datas gathered from resources outside of YouTube and the users themselves.

In-Stream Ads are generally used to increase awareness. With the video format, you can deliver more information to users in a more interesting way. It’s other advantage is the Cost-Per-View charge type, meaning you only get charged if users watched your video ad up to a certain length. Moreover, with YouTube’s huge user base, you have the opportunity to reach a lot of people.

If your business have TV commercials (or planning to make one), we highly recommend you to also use In-Stream Ads. This will allow you to maximize your TVC’s potential, making it reach users through TV and YouTube!

YouTube Masthead

The YouTube Masthead is a customizable ad that runs on YouTube homepage for 24 hours. Because of this nature, Masthead reaches everyone who accesses YouTube homepage in the targeted area and period.
Masthead is available for desktop and mobile. On desktop version, the Masthead is shown on YouTube’s web homepage. On mobile version, the Masthead is shown on YouTube’s native app.

Masthead formats also differs on both devices. On desktop, Masthead is available in live streaming, rich media, or video format. In mobile, it’s only available in video format.

Because of YouTube’s huge traffic, the Masthead has the ability to reach huge number of people, making it suitable for awareness & engagement purposes. In Indonesia alone, Masthead is estimated to be shown (impressions) 15 – 18 million times per day on both devices (11-12 million from mobile). If you are planning a product launch, big event, or campaign, we highly recommend you to use YouTube Masthead to boost awareness!

Premium Advertisement


Premium ads are the strategically placed ads on websites, run by the website themselves. We usually see this on big media websites, such as Detik, Kompas, and other websites. The ad types, sizes, and formats are defined by the websites. Some examples are pop-up ads, leaderboard, skinner ads on left and right, and other kinds.

Premium ads effectiveness depends on variables such as website/media type, ad size & position, channel placement, website traffic, target users, etc. For example, if you’re a hotel business looking for potential customers, you’re better off buying premium ad placements on hotel-booking websites rather than a news media. Another example is if you want to drive traffic from a narrow user segment, it might be better to advertise on specific channels on big media rather than on the homepage.

At CVI, we’ve experience handling premium advertisements for big clients. We have the resources, skills, and experience to make a tailored premium advertising strategy to help your business. If you’re keen on using premium advertisement, want to develop a strategy, or just want to find out more info, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Email Marketing

If you’ve ever shopped from e-commerces, you should be familiar with email marketing. Whether it’s about new offers, events, or sales, E-commerces send these emails all the time. Why, you ask? Because it’s effective of course!

Despite being effective, email marketing has its own challenges: hard to integrate email data, needs to retain and grow subscribers, and so on. One of the easy solution is to use email advertising. Email advertising lets you easily deliver your emails to your potential audience, without needing the email data, subscribers, and more. One of the best platform that we’re using is Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP).

GSP is an email advertising platform run on Gmail. It’s integrated and accessed from Google AdWords. In Gmail, GSP ads are found in the “Promotions” tab. Initially GSP ads are shown in a collapsed ad form. When clicked, it will expand into a full-page native ad that recreates the informational and visual richness of a landing page. This ad unit can contain images, text, call-to-action button, videos, or even forms.
Being integrated with Google AdWords, some of GSP’s targeting is the same with GDN. GSP can target audiences by using Contextual Targeting, Interest Targeting (affinity audiences only), Topic Targeting, and Demographics targeting. Because of it’s nature, GSP cannot target audiences by using Remarketing or Placement Targeting.

GSP shines through the ability to easily reach targeted audience, and deliver rich, landing page-like experience. Because of this, GSP usually excels in driving traffic and conversions. Perfect!


Internet ads has made it easier for businesses to achieve their marketing objectives. These ads are available in many forms, and able to achieve various objectives. When used wisely, they can be very effective and cost-efficient. Whether it’s search, display, or email ads, choosing the right one for your objective is important.

Creative Visions Indonesia’s expertise includes all of the digital advertising solutions mentioned above. If you need help with choosing the right ads, or developing tailored strategies & ideas for your objectives, we can definitely help you out. At CVI, we have the best knowledge, experience, and tools for your problems. Let us boost your business to success, contact us now!

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