Digital Marketing, All About Your Target Audience

Target audience refers to a specific group of consumers that are potentially attracted to your product or brand and a bunch of people that probably see your ads campaigns. In digital marketing, the target audience can be defined into age, gender, location, income, interest etc. These targeting is depending on what platform you use on your ads campaign.

And then, how to determine your target audience?

As quoted from, here are some tips for you.

1. Analyze Previous Customer

The easiest way to see the target audience is by checking the previous customer or client of your product. Who are they, where did they come from, how old and so on. It’s a good start to know your target audience.

2. Market Research

You can do market research through the internet by finding surveys, scrolling through social media or analyzing your competitors. This can help you define which segment that would be attracted to your ads campaign and who’s gonna buy your product.

3. Define Who is Not Your Target Audience

Are they your target audience or they aren’t?
Defining your not your target audience is as important as defining your target audience.

You can create an exclusion of your target audience. This will help you to save your ads budget and not waste it into non your target audience.

4. Double and Triple Check

Getting insight from a lot of sources might help you to conclude which one is your target. But, at the same time, each source might have different results. In this case, you have to note every difference of each source and do.

After you compile your data from a lot of sources, you can double check for every source. Is it relevant for your product and campaign?

If it’s a yes, you can continue to analyze more, but if its not, never hesitate to revise your note and continuously find another insight to make a more precise target audience detail.

5. Google Analytics

Google is a tool that every digital marketer understands even for the basic one. Google will help you to analyze which segment is your target audience. In the Analytics, Google will provide you detailed data of where your audience come from, gender, age, and how much time they spend to see your ads or website and so on.

Have you set your target audience already?

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