The Right Digital Marketing Channels for Your Business!

The transition from conventional business to digital business is now massively increasing. Various digital marketing channels have sprung up, such as marketplaces to social media, which contribute to spreading products to cyberspace. More and more businesses are entering the digital world, it will increase the competition for traditional companies.

This situation demands many businesses to join the digital world. Many things are done, from uploading products to the website to promoting through the marketplace. However, the proper marketing channels must be selected so that the marketing activities are beneficial. This article will discuss three factors to consider before deciding which digital marketing channel to use.

1. Scalability

Scalability refers to the ability of a marketing channel to reach a target market or audience. Before deciding which digital marketing channels to use, you need to know how many people you can reach. We recommend using highly scalable media. The bigger and more flexible a channel is, the better because you can use it as your company and sales grow. Currently, looking at the market share size, Google and Facebook dominate the most effective and scalable marketing channels.

The characteristics of the channels to be used are also important. Content design must match the characteristics of the channel. For example, social media has social facets that include interactions between audiences and content and also conversations between users. Then you have to create more social content to attract audiences. Find a broader discussion of digital marketing channels here.

2. Targeting

The more targeted your audience is, the more effective your campaign message will be. There are two main types of targeting: behavioral and demographic. You can define the digital marketing channels and types of advertising used based on the consumer’s intention to search for certain types of products and services through the actions they take. For example, use SEM because you know that your audience will search for your product through search engines.

Meanwhile, demographically, the determination of the channel and the type of advertising used is based on the audience’s self-profile, such as identity, interests, location, etc. Good channels for the target demographic are Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about targeting your audience, you can read here.

3. Cost (CAC)

Marketing costs incurred by the company to get new customers. Acquired here can be interpreted as creating an account, installing applications, or buying products. If you have marketers in your company, you have to consider the costs you incur to hire marketers and the costs for marketing activities such as advertising. It would help to compare those costs to the number of subscribers you can get on the channel. You can calculate by adding up the salary and marketing expenses and then dividing by the number of customers you can obtain in a month. Each channel can have a different price. Therefore you must understand very well about this cost calculation.

Those are the three main factors you must consider to determine the right digital marketing channels for your business needs. These three factors include measuring marketing reach, targeting consumers, and calculating costs. These three things can help you find an efficient marketing channel to use.

Are you still having trouble determining the suitable media to use?

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