Digital Marketing Trends 2022


Digital Marketing Is About Following Trends

Digital marketing is never old, and it’s constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, each year, marketers must find the proper digital marketing for their audience. No need to be surprised that there are many types of digital marketing.

Here is a few Digital Marketing that you can keep an eye on for your audience in 2022.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and sales. The value of the Influencer’s role in marketing products until 2021 reaches $13.8M. Influencer marketing is suitable for any business; they are experts in their fields, for example, food and beverage, health, traveling, beauty, business, and technology.

Not only that, the benefit of using Influencers can build customers’ trust. Find Influencers that match your brand and will drive the customer’s purchase decision-making process. People respect and trust their favorite influencers, which gives them a more positive reception to brands. Because the first thing customers do when they see your brand does research the product and find reviews from any site.

However, specific criteria and considerations are essential in choosing influencers to attract the right target market.

2. SEO Trends

SEO is the oldest part of digital marketing that and it never gets old to optimize a website page to be in the first position in the SERP. It’s common for the audience to look for information on a brand/product on several websites to gain a sense of trust before making a transaction. The higher rank of a website, the more considered high-quality and trustworthy by search engines and will increase the brand credibility of your business.

SEO is not only about making some articles about your company but also about customers. For that, you should pay attention to improving the SEO, such as focusing on keywords, adding backup-link, and creating informative content, so it will make it easy for customers to find and visit the website and connect with the brand more efficiently.

3. Video Marketing

By the end of 2021, traffic from video content is reaching up to 80%. This performance proves that video content is a marketing tool that has dominated and becomes an arena for creativity on several platforms such as Tiktok, Reels, and Instastory, allowing users to record, take pictures, and edit videos and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Many people are famous because they make video content about reviewing products they use, and many businesses do the same. Since smartphone users are growing and people like to watch videos on the go, it means if you use video marketing for branding, your video audience will keep getting bigger and bigger.

4. Shoppable Posts

An equally important marketing strategy is to make shoppable posts on social media accounts such as Instagram shopping and Tiktokshop that offer convenience and comfort to consumers in shopping by simply clicking on product photos. They can learn product details and prices. This strategy is perfect for referring to Call-To-Action, which can increase sales. 

Suppose you ever see some Instagram posts that have a bag icon and content Tiktok that have a bag icon inside a yellow box. In that case, both are examples of shoppable posts that are famous nowadays for making people easily purchase the product. This trend is one of the most recommended for owners and marketers because it will make customer connections more effective.

Which part of digital marketing does your business users from all the above? Are you still confused about choosing which one is suitable for your business? 

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Source : Forbes  and Wsiprovenresults