Premium Ads 

Deliver your message with rich creative, and supercharge its visibility by putting in on popular big medias!

Premium advertisement is a media buying service that offers more visibility and control than standard ad networks. With our Premium Ads service, your message will stand out and reach greater numbers of audience.

By utilizing images, flash, videos, and rich format, your ad will capture attention right from the start.


How does it work?

Premium Ads are usually sold in a reservation basis. It is usually charged either by period or by CPM. Based on your objective, we will help you find the most suitable website, and buy the most suitable ad-space for your campaign period. Getting prime ad-space on popular websites is not easy, but we can help you get it at the best rate.

Benefit of Premium Ads

Through Premium Ads you can place your ads on a specific place in many websites and in any pages you want to get more audience’s awareness of your brand. Premium ad is displayed in a special space. Premium ad is permanently visible on the special page in their categories. Premium ad also help your ad more visible and generate more awareness of your brand faster and more effective.

  • Huge reach due to huge website traffic
  • Target the right users by showing ads on the right channels
  • Special, premium ad-spaces guaranteed to make your ads stand out
  • Rich format, can drive big impact to users
  • Charge type: per period or CPM, depending on the media.

Who is it for?

Premium Ads are best used by brands who want to boost brand awareness in a faster and more effective way. The combination of its premium ad-space, huge website traffic, and rich media will make your brand stand out and get the highest publicity.

Need help?

You can start your campaign now. For further information, please contact our planners.
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