Digital Marketing 101: Set The Right Objectives

Why Objectives Is Important For Digital Marketing?

Understanding a digital system and environment may take some time, but it is worth it!

The Internet and digital have many functions for your business. Numerous detail-oriented and automated systems would make it easier for you to achieve your target.

But yet, things need to be noted, the Internet and digital are still tools that need an expert to operate. As quoted by Aswani et al. (2018), people must understand that if digital marketing is developed and managed incorrectly, it will fail to provide benefits practically or theoretically.

The worst case is that the scheme would be just wasting cost, time, and human resources.
So how should we operate it exactly?
The basic things you need to know about digital marketing:

What will we achieve?

Digital marketing provides many objectives you can set as you wish. Understanding each concept of objectives will make it easier for you to manage digital marketing itself. 

Each objective has its own goal. Sometimes, Conversion that turns into Sales becomes the most exciting part of the business. Still, before driving into sales or loyalty, we need to know that Awareness of our target would become our lead to get deals.

Digital Marketing Objectives

As quoted from Digital Marketing Institute, there are various digital marketing objectives. Then what are these objectives? Let’s check it out!

  • Awareness: This objective aims to reach as broad or niche as you wish. The awareness objective is very insightful when you want to launch a new product or brand, so your target audience will be conscious of your product’s existence.
  • Consideration: This objective targeted a person who might be interested in your product. These users are now considering knowing more about your product or maybe taking action.
  • Conversion: This objective is reaching out to your target who has considered their choice and wants to take action. Such as buying your product or installing your application.
  • Retention: This objective enables you to build up an engagement with your previous customer. They might re-purchase your product and most likely be loyal to your product.

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One thing that needs to watch is that each objective is connected and part of the process. For a new brand, the best objective you can set is Awareness. After your target is aware of your brand or product, you can set a Consideration as a campaign goal to make them more interested in your brand.

The next objective you can set is Conversion, which will lead users to take action such as text you, call, visit the store or maybe buy your product. Suppose you have a customer with your previous campaign. In that case, you can make other ads with a Retention objective to make your customer engage again with your brand. Completing this objective would make you a loyal customer.

The exact objective you choose, the more remarkable your campaign will be. What’s your objective, then? Let’s discuss it with us! Click here now!