Why Must Business Choose Google Display Network Campaign?

Why Must Business Choose Google Display Network?

What is the Google Display Network? 

Have you seen photos, videos, or text adverts while opening certain websites? And strangely again, the ad seems to continue to follow when you open another website. Don’t be upset because the marketer does not spy on you. These are all forms of Google Display Network (GDN) advertising that target users looking for specific keywords or sentences related to the advertised product. Even GDN can reach you while watching videos, playing games, and checking email. However, generally, these ads are found on websites. 


Is the Google Display Network Worth It? 

GDN can reach around 90% of internet users and millions of websites, making it suitable for increasing brand awareness. GDN is proven to place ads on the Google search engine organically. Besides that, its use tends to be easy for beginners, and the price is quite affordable compared to the ROI obtained. Remarketing using GDN is relatively easy because it provides many targeting options ranging from age, interests, behavior, etc. 

Targeting data for remarketing can be obtained from the people who usually visit a website or apps, recently purchase intent, watching ads on other platforms, and based on CRM data.


How This Ads Work? 

Given the number of internet users and competitors who may have entered it, at least you should understand the three types of targeting that are common in GDN: 

– Topic : place ads on websites that discuss or have similar characteristics to the product you want to promote. If you have a skincare business, don’t advertise these products on websites that talk about the economy.

By choosing a website and creating the correct CTA, GDN can generate conversions and add data to potential buyers for remarketing purposes. 

– Keywords : as has been said before, are one of the keys to the success of this ad. Make sure you do your research before running an ad. If you want to advertise swimming equipment, you can use keywords: buoys, swimming tires, swimming goggles, and swimwear. 

– Placement : even though you have found a website that matches the product, it doesn’t mean that the website has the potential to be a place to advertise. You can set the placement manually with “Management Placement” or according to Adwords recommendations with “Automatic Placement .” 

And also you need to pay attention to the budget, especially if you have a limited budget.

Learn how to block traffic that might leave the website—for example, blocking the opening of advertisements via mobile phones.


Which One Is Better: Google Display Network Or Search Network? 

Both are unequal because they have differences in strategy formation, resulting in performance and budget determination in implementation. Search Network or PPC targets users who already know what they want to look for (active searchers). In contrast, Google Display targets users who do not aim to shop or search for specific products when browsing the internet. 

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You can say that the Search Network helps convert users to the conversion stage. Google Display plays a role in attracting awareness and building brand visibility from as many users as possible on the internet. Looking for a partner who is an expert in GDN and Search Network? Feel Free to consult with us!

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