Types of SEO


What SEO do?

Users use Google Search to find quality content. Therefore, Google Search must understand the content before showing it to users. Google always puts high quality content first. It wants to ensure that sites that produce high-quality content are rewarded with higher rankings and vice versa. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing website pages to get ranked on Google Search Engine Result Page and increasing website traffic. The number of visitors to a website also indicates that the business is getting known. In other words, SEO also serves as effective marketing.

How Many Types of SEO?

1. On-Page SEO

It is the practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher and get organic traffic on search engines.  In simple terms, On-page SEO help makes your content look quality so that it can be detected by Google search engines. There’s a lot of things you must pay attention to on-page SEO such as title tag, meta description, heading tags,alt text, etc.

The first thing the audience sees when they are looking for some information is Title Tag. The one which fits with the keyword will be the page they visit. If you ever see the description below the title on search engine google, it’s called meta description. After the audience sees the title they will see the description, is there any point that they are looking for or not. Therefore, make sure to write the word that is related to the keyword and make it clear.

Heading tags are HTML elements (H1-H6) used to identify headings and subheadings in your content from other types of text (Paragraph text). Don’t forget to attach an image on your website, Adding images is a good way to make your web page more attractive. Optimizing images properly will help you make the most of a valuable SEO asset. By optimizing it consistently, it will help your website get higher search rankings.

 2. Off-Page SEO 

In doing SEO optimization, improving the website internally is not enough. You need to do Off-page SEO to get maximum results in increasing the website’s score on Google and also increase the traffic on your website. In fact, there are a variety of  Off-page SEO practices that you can do. In essence, all external factors such as link building, traffic analysis, etc, that can support the development of website quality and traffic are categorized as methods of Off-page SEO optimization.

Link building is important to optimize your website because currently, Google has developed their algorithm to assess the quality of backlinks from a website. A backlink is a link that is embedded on another website and will lead to our website. Try to provide backlinks on websites with good quality. When you are going to build backlinks, pay attention to the website that will be used to plant the link. If the website has high website traffic, then your website traffic generated from these backlinks will be even higher.

 3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing various technical aspects of a site. So, this strategy is not directly related to keywords, but various technical elements behind a site. By utilizing technical SEO, your site will work faster. In addition, your website will also be easier to crawl and understand by search engines. Some of the important elements of technical SEO are crawling, indexing, website speed, etc.

Crawling and indexing are two important elements in technical SEO. If search engines are not able to do these two things on your site, then it can be said that your content will not appear on the audiens page. Not only that, you must pay attention to website speed.

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Why Site Speed is Important?

Each site has a different loading speed. Some can open in less than a second, but some can take more than that. Generally, a good web page can be opened in less than two seconds. If more than two seconds, users prefer to cancel opening your site. Same with google search engine,they prefer a website that has a high loading speed.

Technical SEO is a strategy that is often underestimated, whereas technical SEO can help optimize websites and servers so that they are easily found by search engines.

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