Why Choose Tiktok For Marketing & Advertising

Even though it is a newcomer, Tiktok is a platform that businesses can choose in a content marketing strategy. The platform allows in-app editing and is rich with various filters, fun effects, and music overlays, also can integrate with other social media platforms.


Tiktok for Marketing & Advertising

Tiktok has advantages that are pretty different from the marketing & advertising features of social media platforms that we already know, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


The Benefit

This platform is full of young generations who do not hesitate to express themselves and make things viral for their satisfaction. What an opportunity for businesses to build branding and reputation and maximize user-generated content (UGC).

Tiktok for Business feature also allows businesses to test campaigns before they are distributed to determine how eye-catching, original, and authentic the campaign is.


Tiktok is a platform that allows brands to be creative, even out-of-the-box. Inequality in the advertising budget in business will no longer be such a big challenge when brands can produce quality content according to trends and user-oriented trends.

Top view ads, in-feed ads, hashtag challenges, brand takeovers, and branded effects are the five types of ads provided by Tiktok. Businesses can also use Ads Manager to get reference data.


Tiktok Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Marketing

Tiktok has a magnificent AI (artificial intelligence) for its algorithm that can combine Natural Language Processing, Computer Visions, and Data that provides the types of videos. And can easily track the audience’s interest and show them some related videos.

AI is predicted to have a bright future, and businesses must be used to them. Tiktok AI has an excellent opportunity to increase business engagement if you can display content that matches customer interests.


Tiktok Influencer Marketing

Influencers are considered capable of keeping pace with business needs and trends. 86% of businesses use them to build brand awareness and create conversions. But, choosing the right influencer is difficult for some businesses.

Tiktok Creator Marketplace shows metrics that refer to the performance of influencers. Businesses can see their audience’s gender, age, social influence, etc. So businesses can determine the right influencers to increase ROI.


From the explanation above, Tiktok Why Choose Tiktok For Marketing & Advertising. After knowing this, will you use Tiktok in your marketing & advertising strategy?

Let Creative Visions Indonesia know about this and help your business succeed on Tiktok with our free consultation!

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Youtube Marketing : Easy Steps For Beginners

Youtube Marketing Guide

Including Alexa, Youtube is in second place under Google in the category of platforms most frequently searched by internet users worldwide. Youtube has overgrown over the past few years, assisted by the rise of video media and has a variety of videos with various durations and content, which makes it very powerful when combined with a marketing strategy.

But don’t think just uploading videos will make you win the hearts of customers, not only you who are aware of the potential of Youtube. A ton of small and big brands are involved in it, thus making the competition even more out of control. A winning strategy is needed so that your brand can stand out on this platform.


Optimize Youtube SEO

High-quality content isn’t enough. Applying a long-term investment for your channel by optimizing SEO. There are the ways to optimize it, including, such as :

– Use potential keywords for video files and apply them to your title.

–         Optimizing video description.

–         Make a specified category.

–         Tag-related video with a trending topic.

–         Add subtitles and closed captions.

–         Add cards and end screens. There are six types of cards (channels, donation, fan funding, link, poll, and video).


Youtube Marketing Research Tools

You can do this research with many tools from the internet or application. Here are some recommendations for you :

–         Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: to determine keyword ranking, related keyword, search volume, etc.

–         Answer The Public: for long-tail keywords insights.

–         vidIQ Vision: the tool by Chrome that will help you to analyze and review a particular YouTube video’s performance.

–         Cyfe: to analyze and track where the traffic came to your video from every website property you have content on

–         TubeBuddy: to manage your Youtube video production, optimization, and promotion.


Find Youtube Collaboration Partner 

It could be the other creators, special guests, or brands. It depends on your goals and how to convey the message to your audience. Choosing the right partner for collaboration makes your video more attractive and generates more traffic. Here’s how to collaborate :

–         Find partners that are equal to you.

–         Make sure the partners have the same interest, view, and niche with your channel.

–         Introduce yourself politely when asking for collaboration.

–         Brainstorm with the partner and team about video style.

–         Set realistic goals. The unrealistic goals will bring you disappointment and hopelessness.

–         Remember to promote your video on various platforms.

There’s a sample opportunity waiting in the future for video marketing, and the audience nowadays assumes that video is more shareable and has a better-personalized approach than any other type of content. Hire the best agency for Youtube Marketing plan and strategy.


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How To Win Customer On Meta Mega Sale

Meta ecosystems such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger know the enormous opportunity for sales at events related to mega sales. Updating the Meta Discovery Commerce can help businesses provide a shopping experience for customers that is more personalized, practical, attractive, and scalable. 


Why Business Must Choose Meta 

The meta ecosystem has become the top choice of customers in the Asia Pacific especially in Indonesia, surpassing e-commerce and search engines. 

67% of Indonesian customers spend their budget at the end of the year. 

97% of Indonesian customers want to try a new product from another brand at the end of the year.

Indonesian customers pay attention to these four factors before buying a product: 

95% buy a product based on quality. 

94% buy a product based on originality. 

93% buy a product based on competitive price. 

93% buy a product based on the variety. 


Meta Mega Sale Strategy

Build Your Campaign Foundation 

– Data: Sort potential data collected from Pixel, SDK, and offline conversions. Make sure their match scores at least touch a score of 6.0 for higher accuracy. 

– Ads Content: Create ads with diverse content (shorts video, carousel, collaborative ads content, and augmented reality ads). Various ads increase your efficiency up to 32%. 

– Terms & Guidelines: About 5 million USD was lost due to non-standard advertising. 


Before Meta Mega Sale

– Create Awareness 

  1. Target amount group of audience. 
  2. Make unique and unforgettable offers. 
  3. Use shorts and in-stream video. 81% of the audience understands the brand message with the video format. 
  4. Create your content as attractive as possible 


– Engage New Customers 

  1. Target them using catalog ads to create conversion. 
  2. Apply the “low cost and high revenue” strategy. 
  3. Use Reels, stories, and carousels to trigger audience interactions. 
  4. Use a video storytelling template that describes your product. 


Meta Mega Sale Day 

– Remarketing 

  1. Retargeting the audience using catalog ads to create CTA urgency. 
  2. Optimize and manage your ad budget. 
  3. Reupload past content, especially with carousel format. 
  4. Optimize top-performing ads. 


After Meta Mega Sale Day 

– Test Customers Loyalty 

  1. Retargeting customers who have bought before 
  2. Only target customers who have already purchased. 
  3. Use collection and carousel formats. 
  4. Test which ads hold the audience the most.

Year-end is an event that has proven profitable for most brands that can take advantage of it. Meta has a solid ecosystem to increase brand awareness and collaborative ads. It will be an advantage if the business understands the strengths of each platform. Start your free consultation with us for Meta Mega Sale Insights.

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Why Must Business Choose Google Display Network?

What is the Google Display Network? 

Have you seen photos, videos, or text adverts while opening certain websites? And strangely again, the ad seems to continue to follow when you open another website. Don’t be upset because the marketer does not spy on you. These are all forms of Google Display Network (GDN) advertising that target users looking for specific keywords or sentences related to the advertised product. Even GDN can reach you while watching videos, playing games, and checking email. However, generally, these ads are found on websites. 


Is the Google Display Network Worth It? 

GDN can reach around 90% of internet users and millions of websites, making it suitable for increasing brand awareness. GDN is proven to place ads on the Google search engine organically. Besides that, its use tends to be easy for beginners, and the price is quite affordable compared to the ROI obtained. Remarketing using GDN is relatively easy because it provides many targeting options ranging from age, interests, behavior, etc. 

Targeting data for remarketing can be obtained from the people who usually visit a website or apps, recently purchase intent, watching ads on other platforms, and based on CRM data.


How This Ads Work? 

Given the number of internet users and competitors who may have entered it, at least you should understand the three types of targeting that are common in GDN: 

– Topic : place ads on websites that discuss or have similar characteristics to the product you want to promote. If you have a skincare business, don’t advertise these products on websites that talk about the economy.

By choosing a website and creating the correct CTA, GDN can generate conversions and add data to potential buyers for remarketing purposes. 

– Keywords : as has been said before, are one of the keys to the success of this ad. Make sure you do your research before running an ad. If you want to advertise swimming equipment, you can use keywords: buoys, swimming tires, swimming goggles, and swimwear. 

– Placement : even though you have found a website that matches the product, it doesn’t mean that the website has the potential to be a place to advertise. You can set the placement manually with “Management Placement” or according to Adwords recommendations with “Automatic Placement .” 

And also you need to pay attention to the budget, especially if you have a limited budget.

Learn how to block traffic that might leave the website—for example, blocking the opening of advertisements via mobile phones.


Which One Is Better: Google Display Network Or Search Network? 

Both are unequal because they have differences in strategy formation, resulting in performance and budget determination in implementation. Search Network or PPC targets users who already know what they want to look for (active searchers). In contrast, Google Display targets users who do not aim to shop or search for specific products when browsing the internet. 

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You can say that the Search Network helps convert users to the conversion stage. Google Display plays a role in attracting awareness and building brand visibility from as many users as possible on the internet. Looking for a partner who is an expert in GDN and Search Network? Feel Free to consult with us!

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Personalized Is The Next Marketing Trend?

“Hi this one is only for you….”, “50% discount today special for Mr/Mrs…..”, “Thank You Mr/Mrs…. for shopping in our store, here’s your coupon”.

If you are familiar with the sentence above, it is necessary to understand that the seller is doing personalized marketing in their business processes.


What Is Personalized Marketing?


Personalized marketing or person-to-person marketing is a method sellers use to market products more personally to their customers. The content creation is adjusted to the product brand message, which is added with data containing the target audience’s desire for our brand.

Email Marketing, Push Notification, and CRM are common forms of Personalized Marketing. They use the name of the audience or personal and secret words to approach their target.

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Advantages Of Personalized Marketing

  • Attract attention and awareness 

This strategy is effective in bringing the brand closer to the customer. They will feel that the brand knows what they want and need, thus building trust, loyalty, and compatibility with the products offered. What’s more, this strategy is powerful in moving emotions. Remember, 80% of sales come from the emotional assessment of the customer.

You can also combine personalized marketing with covert selling technique.

  • As a connecting bridge with the audience

It’s not wise to continue to sell and promote products continuously in every form of content because “people like to buy but don’t like to be sold.”

You can use personalized marketing to create interactive content or surveys to stay connected with the audience outside the business process.

  • Suitable for today’s customers

77% of customers are willing to pay more for products/services that have personalized services. 

78% of customers are interested while brands show interaction while offering products/services. 

74% of customers are uncomfortable using brand products/services without personalization content.


When Using Personalized Marketing?

When you already know the audience’s ins and outs and characteristics before using this strategy and require in-depth research, if you want to use personalization as an option for marketing your product, there is no more option than deep research. You need a data to determine whether your customers are suitable for this strategy.

Although using an approach that seems “private,” measurable and relevant data must also be available so that the application process can later be successful and not create the impression of “cringe” among customers.


What Is The Risk Of Personalized Marketing?

You must aware with audience data that is too personal and sensitive. Requires creativity, high costs, clear goals, and other supporting data so you can execute this strategy properly. 

Because it is personal, users usually do not have tolerance when the brand makes mistakes. Pay attention to language, content, and timing accuracy when implementing this strategy.

Don’t make crucial mistakes with this strategy. Feel Free to consult with us!

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Are B2B & B2C Copywriting Use The Same Template?


Have you ever thought that the difference in target customers in a business also affects the kind of approaches?

Or you might be a bit confused because of the usual copywriting strategy that was successful in the B2C model but failed in the B2B model. Here’s the explanation.

Copywriting used to increase brand awareness or persuade customers. The writing should not be aimless. Several aspects must be understood, such as knowing our customers’ judgment before deciding to buy. You have to understand copywriting to write things related to customer problems or needs.

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B2B Copywriting vs B2C Copywriting

As the name means, B2B copywriting addresses companies or institutions as targets. The B2B model focuses on medium to long-term relationships, so the copywriting flow must have value according to the level of the company’s human resources and indicates a win-to-win solution if there is a collaboration between the two parties.

On the other hand, B2C copywriting focuses on individuals because the judgment is carried out only on the individual. The copywriting technique is more attractive, entertaining, and can provoke discussion.


What to be noticed in Copywriting?

Both B2B and B2C must pay attention to this because, despite their differences, copywriting has the same goal of generating conversions. Conversions happen if you doing the interested assessments in what we write, so win over those people too. Here’s the explanation:


It is the form of a visual display of an article in the form of color, placement, type, and font size. The combination of attractive designs and good typography can increase the audience’s interest in writing.


The context must be informative, persuasive, and communicative and then adjusted to the ability of our audience to understand the message. Do not let the writing confuse the reader.


Add certain elements to trim the product, but this must be done at a reasonable stage and not much different from the product’s condition.


Can B2B Copywriting and B2C Copywriting be combined?

The answer is yes, but not overly. You can do these things for several moments to provide refreshments for both the company and the customer. Although the business model is different, the relationship with copywriting is with humans too.

Humans often experience boredom and need innovation. Combining these two things can also be the key to your victory over similar competitors and make your brand excel in this area.

But make sure to do your research before executing this, because if done carelessly, it can be bad for reputation and branding. Fortunately, Creative Visions Indonesia can help your business to research the right copywriting strategy. Click here to consult with us!


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Why Marketing Mix Important for Business Owner

Digital Marketing Challange

             As an entrepreneur, traders, or business people we’ve to understand how to advertise our products or services to the client. The rise of digital marketing gives advantages to small and big businesses, but this sector currently still needs many improvements and experiments.

Digital Marketing platforms like analytics and data visualization tools  make entry-level marketers get confused while collecting the conclusion from that information.


What is Marketing Mix and How It’s Works

             Marketing mix is a strategy analytics that can help your brand increase the number of returns and get a deeper understanding of how your business functions.

The statistical information of this method can determine historical and forecast data more accurately than other analytical models.

So you can decide which factors have had the biggest impact on return and which factors have contributed the most to the success of your business campaign.


Marketing Mix Variable

             A good product isn’t enough, you need to apply the right marketing strategy, most businesses go bankrupt, because of marketing failure. The marketing mix helps the owner and marketer understand your actual customer with 5 variables, such:

  1. Product

Creating product must answering this question :

– Customer problem

– Solution that your business can offer

– Effectiveness and efficiency of your product

– Uniqueness of your product

Many companies fail while running their business, because they can’t solve that problem. 36% of start-ups create bad products due to lack of research.


2. Price

             The marketing mix uses Break Even Price, which is the smallest price that can be placed on the product so that the business does not lose money. The formula is (Total Fixed Cost/Production Volume) + Variable Cost Per Unit = Break-Even Price.


3. Place 

             Choosing the right location by considering function and cost is important for business owners. In the digitization era,  place can be related to social media, marketplace, and websites. Both of them have their advantages.

4. Promotion

             Good promotion create brand awareness. Ads, organic traffic, social media, digital and conventional marketing have to engage the audience. But speaking with their language is more important.


5. People

             The people referred here besides customers are employees. Managing human resources is not easy and business owners must take the recruitment process seriously. With valueable employee company can quickly achieve its goals.

This model is very important to know by business owner while designing and running a business. So you can determine the right and effective marketing strategy.