Types of SEO


What SEO do?

Users use Google Search to find quality content. Therefore, Google Search must understand the content before showing it to users. Google always puts high quality content first. It wants to ensure that sites that produce high-quality content are rewarded with higher rankings and vice versa. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing website pages to get ranked on Google Search Engine Result Page and increasing website traffic. The number of visitors to a website also indicates that the business is getting known. In other words, SEO also serves as effective marketing.

How Many Types of SEO?

1. On-Page SEO

It is the practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher and get organic traffic on search engines.  In simple terms, On-page SEO help makes your content look quality so that it can be detected by Google search engines. There’s a lot of things you must pay attention to on-page SEO such as title tag, meta description, heading tags,alt text, etc.

The first thing the audience sees when they are looking for some information is Title Tag. The one which fits with the keyword will be the page they visit. If you ever see the description below the title on search engine google, it’s called meta description. After the audience sees the title they will see the description, is there any point that they are looking for or not. Therefore, make sure to write the word that is related to the keyword and make it clear.

Heading tags are HTML elements (H1-H6) used to identify headings and subheadings in your content from other types of text (Paragraph text). Don’t forget to attach an image on your website, Adding images is a good way to make your web page more attractive. Optimizing images properly will help you make the most of a valuable SEO asset. By optimizing it consistently, it will help your website get higher search rankings.

 2. Off-Page SEO 

In doing SEO optimization, improving the website internally is not enough. You need to do Off-page SEO to get maximum results in increasing the website’s score on Google and also increase the traffic on your website. In fact, there are a variety of  Off-page SEO practices that you can do. In essence, all external factors such as link building, traffic analysis, etc, that can support the development of website quality and traffic are categorized as methods of Off-page SEO optimization.

Link building is important to optimize your website because currently, Google has developed their algorithm to assess the quality of backlinks from a website. A backlink is a link that is embedded on another website and will lead to our website. Try to provide backlinks on websites with good quality. When you are going to build backlinks, pay attention to the website that will be used to plant the link. If the website has high website traffic, then your website traffic generated from these backlinks will be even higher.

 3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing various technical aspects of a site. So, this strategy is not directly related to keywords, but various technical elements behind a site. By utilizing technical SEO, your site will work faster. In addition, your website will also be easier to crawl and understand by search engines. Some of the important elements of technical SEO are crawling, indexing, website speed, etc.

Crawling and indexing are two important elements in technical SEO. If search engines are not able to do these two things on your site, then it can be said that your content will not appear on the audiens page. Not only that, you must pay attention to website speed.

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Why Site Speed is Important?

Each site has a different loading speed. Some can open in less than a second, but some can take more than that. Generally, a good web page can be opened in less than two seconds. If more than two seconds, users prefer to cancel opening your site. Same with google search engine,they prefer a website that has a high loading speed.

Technical SEO is a strategy that is often underestimated, whereas technical SEO can help optimize websites and servers so that they are easily found by search engines.

Are you having trouble optimizing your website? or don’t have experience handling SEO? let’s consult with us!

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What Is Covert Selling?


What is Covert Selling

Covert selling is a way of entering sales-related information at a glance into the subconscious mind of a potential buyer. The point is, that’s a marketing technique that targets people who hear or read it to be interested in buying without feeling offered.

Use the right copywriting and make them interested in your content. Therefore, they will happy to share the content with their friends and it is an easy way to get interaction because people feel this is not an ad and will help increase engagement.


What Emotions Bulit by Covert Selling?

 1. Curious

#curious #digitalmarketing #covertselling

Covert selling is a hidden selling technique. It makes you have to create content on social media accounts that when the audience read, see, and listen to it, they will curious. Instead of skipping the content, they will be curious and wondering about the ending.

Instead of explaining the product clearly, you can create a content strategy that gives the audience an idea of the benefits and advantages of the product. Furthermore, out of curiosity, they will find out about the product, or even directly ask through the comments column or direct message.

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 2. Ambiguity

#ambiguity #covertselling #digitalmarketing

The meaning of ambiguity in covert selling is each audience can have different perceptions in reviewing your content. Rather than wonder what the audience thinks about the content, you have to focus on convincing them about the positive perspective of your product.

The purpose of using ambiguous words is so that the reader can represent the word according to what is in their mind. When they think that product will give them what they want, it leads them to make purchases.

What Supports Covert Selling?

 1. Collaborate stories and image


Who doesn’t like stories? People like stories that are emotional and have knowledge inside also makes them feel the real process and get a result, it will attract them to do the same step to get the same result.

But a story will be considered a hoax if there is no convincing evidence, so you have to insert pictures or videos in the story. For example, you can insert pictures where people can see before and after customers use your product. This will increase customer trust in the product and show them that the product works.

 2. Right copywriting

#copywriting #covertselling

Covert selling is not only about how to create content strategy but also copywriting. Covert selling works very well if you are able to deliver the messages in an easy and fun language such as telling stories.

This technique is highly recommended to increase traffic and engagement. keep in mind that covert selling never uses command words like “buy now” because the purpose of this marketing technique is to make people interested in buying without feeling offered.

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Last but not least, keep in mind that Covert Selling doesn’t use Call-To-Action (CTA) in the story. Because this technique is used to minimize people that immediately skip when they see selling content. Instead, they will interested in reading the content first and entice them to be curious about your explanation.

Are you interested in using Covert Selling? Or want to try another technique?

Let’s consult with us!


Digital Marketing Trends 2022


Digital Marketing Is About Following Trends

Digital marketing is never old, and it’s constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, each year, marketers must find the proper digital marketing for their audience. No need to be surprised that there are many types of digital marketing.

Here is a few Digital Marketing that you can keep an eye on for your audience in 2022.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and sales. The value of the Influencer’s role in marketing products until 2021 reaches $13.8M. Influencer marketing is suitable for any business; they are experts in their fields, for example, food and beverage, health, traveling, beauty, business, and technology.

Not only that, the benefit of using Influencers can build customers’ trust. Find Influencers that match your brand and will drive the customer’s purchase decision-making process. People respect and trust their favorite influencers, which gives them a more positive reception to brands. Because the first thing customers do when they see your brand does research the product and find reviews from any site.

However, specific criteria and considerations are essential in choosing influencers to attract the right target market.

2. SEO Trends

SEO is the oldest part of digital marketing that and it never gets old to optimize a website page to be in the first position in the SERP. It’s common for the audience to look for information on a brand/product on several websites to gain a sense of trust before making a transaction. The higher rank of a website, the more considered high-quality and trustworthy by search engines and will increase the brand credibility of your business.

SEO is not only about making some articles about your company but also about customers. For that, you should pay attention to improving the SEO, such as focusing on keywords, adding backup-link, and creating informative content, so it will make it easy for customers to find and visit the website and connect with the brand more efficiently.

3. Video Marketing

By the end of 2021, traffic from video content is reaching up to 80%. This performance proves that video content is a marketing tool that has dominated and becomes an arena for creativity on several platforms such as Tiktok, Reels, and Instastory, allowing users to record, take pictures, and edit videos and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Many people are famous because they make video content about reviewing products they use, and many businesses do the same. Since smartphone users are growing and people like to watch videos on the go, it means if you use video marketing for branding, your video audience will keep getting bigger and bigger.

4. Shoppable Posts

An equally important marketing strategy is to make shoppable posts on social media accounts such as Instagram shopping and Tiktokshop that offer convenience and comfort to consumers in shopping by simply clicking on product photos. They can learn product details and prices. This strategy is perfect for referring to Call-To-Action, which can increase sales. 

Suppose you ever see some Instagram posts that have a bag icon and content Tiktok that have a bag icon inside a yellow box. In that case, both are examples of shoppable posts that are famous nowadays for making people easily purchase the product. This trend is one of the most recommended for owners and marketers because it will make customer connections more effective.

Which part of digital marketing does your business users from all the above? Are you still confused about choosing which one is suitable for your business? 

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Source : Forbes  and Wsiprovenresults


Digital Marketing, All About Your Target Audience


How Important Is Target Audience For Digital Marketing

Target audience refers to a specific group of consumers that are potentially attracted to your product or brand and a bunch of people that probably see your ads campaigns. In digital marketing, the target audience can be defined into age, gender, location, income, interest etc. These targeting is depending on what platform you use on your ads campaign and then, how to determine your target audience.

As quoted from, here are some tips for you.

1. Analyze Previous Customer

The easiest way to see the target audience is by checking the previous customer or client of your product. Who are they, where did they come from, how old and so on. It’s a good start to know your target audience.

2. Market Research

You can do market research through the internet by finding surveys, scrolling through social media or analyzing your competitors. This can help you define which segment that would be attracted to your ads campaign and who’s gonna buy your product.

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Strengthen The Two Steps Above With

1. Analyze Who Is Not Your Target Audience

Are they your target audience or they aren’t? 

Defining your not your target audience is as important as defining your target audience. 

You can create an exclusion of your target audience. This will help you to save your ads budget and not waste it into non your target audience.

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2. Double And Triple Check

Getting insight from a lot of sources might help you to conclude which one is your target. But, at the same time, each source might have different results. In this case, you have to note every difference of each source and do.

After you compile your data from a lot of sources, you can double check for every source. Is it relevant for your product and campaign?

If it’s a yes, you can continue to analyze more, but if its not, never hesitate to revise your note and continuously find another insight to make a more precise target audience detail.

3. Google Analytics

Google is a tool that every digital marketer needs to understand even because it will help you to analyze which segment is your target audience. Analytics will provide detailed data of where your audience come from, gender, age, and how much time they spend to see your ads or website and so on.

Use this tips and get a lot of traffic as a result, have a question in mind about defining the proper target audience? Let’s consult with us! to get more insights about that from our consulting team.

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Free Package for Self-Quarantine People through Google Display Network


Fatigon Promuno Campaign

The Challenge

Fatigon wanted to help people that are in self-quarantine because of Covid-19 through their herbal supplements, Fatigon Promuno. They were provided 5K units of Fatigon Promuno that were ready to be delivered to the targeted people.

The Solution

We use Google Display Network (GDN) as this platform was able to reach a broader audience while still delivering the ads to the targeted people, especially when they were on the publisher.

The Result

We got so many positive comments with this total result:


1.29% CTR

which higher
than average CTR in
health industry (0.59%)


10 K Clicks



Cheaper CPC
from plan

Best Categ Digital Marketing

Health & Happiness

Collaborative Ads (CPAS) on Shopee & Tokopedia


The Challenge

On Collaborative ads, H2 aiming to gain purchase and optimize ROAS on Facebook & Instagram. Through this campaign brand can deliver the ads to people who have viewed, add to cart and purchased in marketplace. Therefore, we can use retargeting strategy for increasing probability of purchase.

The Solution

Run collaborative ads by utilize many tools with strategic plan according to learning applied and optimized with our team. We also can track number add to cart, purchase until Revenue for complete measurement on purchase stage.

The Result

After we build H2 CPAS audience, ROAS increasing gradually and growing the marketplace audience as the campaign goes on. We drived


Up to 700
 Add to cart per month


Up to 270
Purchases per month


Up to 120%
Increasing ROAS per month

Best Categ Creative Content Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Web Development




The Challenge

As a tourism organization that aims to introduce Japan to Indonesian people, JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) wants to know how many Indonesian people got interested and what is their difficulty to go to Japan.

The Solution

CVI team brought an idea to create and develop the Online Survey Campaign with 2 prizes to attract people to join the survey; a round trip flight ticket to Japan and a portable fan from Japan. Then, we boost the survey campaign through Facebook, Instagram, and Native ads to bring traffic to the survey site.

The Result

At the end of the campaign, we got a really satisfying number of results!

65.7 K  
   Users Visit to Survey Site


15,8 K
Users Join the Campaign


IG Followers Increased


Digital Marketing 101 : Through what channels?

Choosing the channel you want to use. We offered various channels and ways to achieve our objectives in digital marketing. The biggest challenge is deciding the most effective for our brand and target.

Each channel of Digital Marketing tools has a different function and characteristics. After all, this article will explore which digital channels suit your campaign. 

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Digital Marketing Channels

Website Optimization

Website is one of the essential parts of your business. A website is like the principal office of a brand that can be seen worldwide, including your target market. Things that need to be considered in your website are your Brand Information. This information can make your target feel more convinced about your product. Also, the display of your website has to be friendly and fast. If it’s not, the user might have left your website and decided not to explore anything about your product.

To optimize your website, you might need SEO (Search Engine Optimization), where your website will appear on the first page. With these tools, the possibility for your website to be explored by the prospective audience.

Paid Ads (Pay per Click Ads)

This might be one of the most popular digital marketing channels that helps drive traffic to your website. This might save your budget, where you only have to pay for your ads when someone clicks on them. Based on this channel, we can use Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Shopping ads, Social Media ads, Programmatic Ads, etc.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers expected to influence or engage the audience with our message. With influencer marketing, we can ask them to make engaging content for the audience to engage in our brand or campaign. There are many types of influencers, micro-influencers, and macro-influencers. Each influencer has its characteristics, such as travel influencer, food vlogger, beauty influencer, etc. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is as simple as sending marketing messages to your mailing list user. The news of your blast email can be optimize to create personalized marketing. Using tools like MailChimp, SendInBlue, and Omnisend you can categorize each user by their interest, demography, and others.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has consumed almost everyone in the world. Maintaining a brand through Social Media channels could bring value to the brand itself and appear as one of its physical presence. Nowadays, we can keep the brand through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and many more.

Additionally each channel can work well or might be less effective for your brand, so back to number first again. What is your objective, and which kind of ads do you want? You might need to explore each digital channel to consider the most effective for your campaign.

So what is the most relevant for your brand? let’s consult with us! 



Digital Marketing 101: Set The Right Objectives

Why Objectives Is Important For Digital Marketing?

Understanding a digital system and environment may take some time, but it is worth it!

The Internet and digital have many functions for your business. Numerous detail-oriented and automated systems would make it easier for you to achieve your target.

But yet, things need to be noted, the Internet and digital are still tools that need an expert to operate. As quoted by Aswani et al. (2018), people must understand that if digital marketing is developed and managed incorrectly, it will fail to provide benefits practically or theoretically.

The worst case is that the scheme would be just wasting cost, time, and human resources.
So how should we operate it exactly?
The basic things you need to know about digital marketing:

What will we achieve?

Digital marketing provides many objectives you can set as you wish. Understanding each concept of objectives will make it easier for you to manage digital marketing itself. 

Each objective has its own goal. Sometimes, Conversion that turns into Sales becomes the most exciting part of the business. Still, before driving into sales or loyalty, we need to know that Awareness of our target would become our lead to get deals.

Digital Marketing Objectives

As quoted from Digital Marketing Institute, there are various digital marketing objectives. Then what are these objectives? Let’s check it out!

  • Awareness: This objective aims to reach as broad or niche as you wish. The awareness objective is very insightful when you want to launch a new product or brand, so your target audience will be conscious of your product’s existence.
  • Consideration: This objective targeted a person who might be interested in your product. These users are now considering knowing more about your product or maybe taking action.
  • Conversion: This objective is reaching out to your target who has considered their choice and wants to take action. Such as buying your product or installing your application.
  • Retention: This objective enables you to build up an engagement with your previous customer. They might re-purchase your product and most likely be loyal to your product.

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One thing that needs to watch is that each objective is connected and part of the process. For a new brand, the best objective you can set is Awareness. After your target is aware of your brand or product, you can set a Consideration as a campaign goal to make them more interested in your brand.

The next objective you can set is Conversion, which will lead users to take action such as text you, call, visit the store or maybe buy your product. Suppose you have a customer with your previous campaign. In that case, you can make other ads with a Retention objective to make your customer engage again with your brand. Completing this objective would make you a loyal customer.

The exact objective you choose, the more remarkable your campaign will be. What’s your objective, then? Let’s discuss it with us! Click here now! 

Digital Marketing


WOODS’ “CAKEBS” Native Ads Campaign


The Challenge

As the cough medicine, WOODS’ want to educate people about how to treat cough correctly through “CAKEBS” (Cegah, Atasi, dan Kenali Batuk Segera) campaign.

The Solution

We collaborate with 3 top premium publishers and make advertorials articles to educate people and boost the campaign awareness. We make 3 different articles with the same message that fit with the style of language of each publisher. We also ran Native Out to boost the article within 1 month.

The Result

For this campaign, we manage to achieve a great result:


Gain 37K
Page Views


 45K Clicks
on Native Out Booster Ad


Click through Rate